Sign in 2019

Entry form:


update soon …


For D1-10 countries: Maximum 24 drivers per class:

Head of the D1-10 countries send a list of top 24 (each class)

Then the list will be published here. People on the list will have 1 month to send in the sign in-form.


For non D1-10 countries maximum 18 drivers per class:

Non D1-10 countries sign in when sign in is open …..first in, first served.

OR the country must have an agreement that their  national competition/or special event is the qualification for the Worlds 2018. In that case the representive will send in a list of the top 18 (each class). Like the D1-10 countries, drivers also have 1 month to send in the sign-in form.

(we prefer to see the best of each country at The Worlds, so a national competition or qualify event will work per country )


The paypall adress for the entry fee  is Please pay as gift.

payment must been done before February 10,  2019