The rules. Updated 16-01-2018



1.0  Behaviour during event

Each contestant is supposed to behave a normal way during any event. Each contestant is expected to contribute to have a nice event.

During the day one is expected not to swear, not to steal, not to use any drugs or alcohol and not to destroy any belongings. Also, one is expected to watch their own belongings and safety. The organisation of any event is not responsible for any damage to car nor person nor theft. Anyone is responsible for their own goods and safety!


1.1 B   RWD only :

1. Tires:RWD : DS Racing  will be updated later  (testing new types)

2. Weight :

Maximum weight chassis+body + battery = 1.9KG (max 65% on the rear wheels)

3 battery mounth :

A battery must be mounted seriously good, and between the wheels (front & rear).


This will be check by technical staff.


1.2  Electronics and radio

Each contestant must use a normal frequency, 27 mhz, 40 mhz or 2.4 ghz. When register for a contest, the contestant must tell which frequency he owns, and tell if he owns a transmitter where he can set a frequency himself. A contestant who uses seperat crisals must always own/carry a second frequency.

Forward and forward/reverse speedcontrols( with or without brake) are allowed. Receiver, transmitter, servo’s and speedcontrols must be solid and function normally.

1.3  Batteries

A battery must always be a (6 cell) NickelCadmium/NickelMetaal Hybride battery or(2 cell) lipo/life. Use of the so called lipobag is requierd!

1.4 Tires

one type tire is allowed and will be provided to all contenders 1 set  (4 pcs). That tire is :

RWD : DS Racing ……………..

The competition tires are only allowed on the competition track. For practice tracks you can buy an extra set.

The tires should not be adjusted that will change the grip (except wear, but on carpet they don’t wear so only allowed to drive on carpet).


1.5  Wheels

Black/dark wheels are not allowed at front nor rear.

Wheels are only allowed 26 mm wide x 52 mm high.

Wheels  can not stick out the body more then 2 mm. Tires should be within the body at front & rear. This will be measured by the tech staff, with wheels straight on each side, so if they have lots of toe out at front will be the wheel in line with the body measured.

1.6 Engine

The  engines that  are allowed 540 size:

–          10.5T brushless sensored in original state

–          13T brushless sensorles 13T or higher (sensored or sensorless)

–          19T brushed

NOTE : engines must be in original state.

1.7 Bodies (hood)

The body must be on a 1:10 base and depict a real car. The body must look realistic when entering the event of competition. While driving, the body must be properly attached to the chassis/frame. It is allowed to have a spoiler on the body, which may not stick out more than 5mm of the sides an not more than 15 mm behind. An exhaust is allowed, as long as it looks realistic and is mounted properly. Windows must stay transparent. They may be smoked, but the inside of the car must still be visible. Each body will receive starting number ,window banner, decal-shield when entering the contest.

Must be:

– number on front and rear window

– windowbanner on front window, on the upper site and outside of the body.

– decal shield  on both doors left and right.

A body must look normally. That is: a few scratches are no problem, but rips in the body or missing some parts will result in disqualification of that body (hood) for the contest. This is very strict.

Ofcourse, a body must be sprayed/painted before it can enter the contest.

It is allowed to have lights on the body.

1.8 Participation

Each contestant can only participate once during a contest. Each contestant can only use 1 chassis, which can not be shared.

A chassis or frame is stricktly personal; it is not possible to share a chassis between several contestants.

1.9 Miscellaneous

Cars must be clean during the whole contest of event.

1.10 Sanctions

Violating one of the rules from this regulation can lead to disqualification.

Sanctions can be imposed by the jury and/or competition-management and/or organisation of an event or competition. With minoring in points  or disqualification

2. regulation of the jury

 2.0  technical inspection

The technical inspector can always disapprove any car and reject the car for the contest, if the car deviate the regulations.

The exact deviation will be told to the contestant, so he can make adjustments  and present the car again for inspection. A contestant can present his car again to the inspector until 10 minutes before qualifying and after approval the contestant can qualify. If the car doesn’t pass the technical inspection, the driver must leave the place of inspection and he will not compete at this event.

2.1 Technical defect during qualification and battles

The contestant will get 5 minutes to repair his car. Repairing the car is only allowed on the tables, specially for tinkering (so, not on the track!). The contestant than may drive again. Is the car not repaired within given time, the result will be automatically in 0 points during qualification of a lost battle during finals.

2.2  Judging

Each contest will have 1 main-jurymember. He will not drive the contest. This member of the jury will judge ‘overall’ and ‘style’ during qualification. The 2nd and 3rd member of the jury will judge ‘skillsection’ and ‘clippingpoints’.

The extra 5 ‘style’ points will be add by the 3 judges by voting for it.

2.3  Qualifying

During qualification each contestant will drive 3 runs. First to practice, this will not be judged. Second and third run will be judged. The jury can give a maximum score of 100 point for both runs. The best score counts and will determine which poule the contestant will drive.


zone points                                 0-30 points

overall / line/style                     0-70 points



Zone  points/ dots:

Those dots mark the ideal drift line, the clipping zones as well as the transaction zone.

These dots are about 5 cm round.




The contestants will start with 70 points at the start of each qualification. Points will be reduces if :

–         not  drifting on the ideal driftline (as explained at the driversbriefing)

–         not has enough Angle

–         not have enough speed

–         have to make corrections

0 points in qualification when:

– driver spins

– driver goes off track

– hit one wheel on the  curbstone (counts as an off-track)

– driver is not on time for his qualification

Bonus points :

Extra points for the counter style way of drifting. We want to see more  like the “real “drivers does there drifting. The front wheel must always be in the direction  that the car is moving sideways.


2.4 Scoring twin battles

1.  There are 2 cars: one who is leading (after this called leader) and one who chases (after this called chaser).

2.  Hitting eachother (hard) is not allowed. If 2 cars collide, the one causes the crash will be  called the loser of the battle, if the collusion was avoidable. A deliberate collusion can be punished with disqualification, reducing points of disqualification of any contest. A slight collusion will not be punished, if the other car is not bothered.

3. Overtaking is not allowed, except when leader mistakes en deviates far of  the ideal line. Chaser may not bother leader when overtaking. Overtaking when it isn’t necessary will be penalized.

4.   Leader must do whatever it takes to simulate the ideal qualification as good as possible.

5.   Chaser must do the same. While doing that, he also has to drift as close to the leader as possible unless the leader spin-out/crash/or is far away from the ideal line. Chaser must have at least the same ‘style’criteria as the leader at all times.

6.   If the score is exact the same after 2 runs, there will be a re-run. A re-run will always contain 2 new runs. After maximum 2 re-runs the jury will call one winner. Up from the top 16 drivers there will be as much re-runs as necessary to call a contestant winner.

2.5 Arbitration

Any jury-decision is final and binding. One can ask for explanation, but not without respect. Blaming the jury in public will lead to disqualification.


 NOTE : NO smoke machines and/or sound machines allowed on the competition track. This is also not allowed on the practice tracks during qualification and battles.