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total RWD drivers updated , now 208 drivers sign in .



23-11-2018 : sign in opens

Download the file and ‘save as’ with your name (for example: caveman 2019) and mail to:


entry form WC 2019 RWD







sign in opens 23-11-2018 19.00 CET




top qualifyer Hayato Yoshiba
World Champion Ryo OD
2 Kim Grande
3 Hayato Yoshiba
4 Simen Gulbrandsen
5 Lucas janik
6 Stefano pizzini
7 Günther Schafleitner
8 Harun Ahmad
Best Chassis Freakach Samir
Best Body Günther Schafleitner













top qualifyer Dennis Bjune
World Champion Maurice van de Starre
2 Joakim Jensn
3 Luděk Odstrčil
4 Martin Šrédl
5 Mike hannon
6 Daniel Fabijancic
7 Kasper Korsgaard
8 Kristian pilo
Best Chassis Manuel Fritz
Best Body Manuel Fritz























26-10-2017 :

book the houses press here 





this friday booking houses online


13-10-2017 :

New  D1-10. 2018 rule :

Brake lights :

–  At the front and rear window ,on top of the window .

– Minimum wide : 25 mm.  (tube,led,smd )

– Only red allowed

this will not be an offical 2018 rule , due to many posibilities that people still can cheat.

But we like to see people to use it it makes the whole battles more fair and clear for drivers and judges .



12-09-2017 World championship Rc Drift 2018

date : 11-17 june 2018

place : Parc Sandur – Emmen the Netherlands



26-06-2017 :

AWD total list





























So…. home after all. Today we cleaned up the entire place (massive thanks to all who helped! Really very grateful and we love you guys!) and drove home.

we can honestly say: we had a blast! We had a fantastic crew with us, you all are awesome and we cannot thank you enough.

We also like to express our gratitude to all you drivers and the ones who are supporting you. Only your precensse can make it as magnificent as it was. Thank you all guys, for being there with us and for being such good sports!!!

yes, we are exhausted. But it was sooooo worth it!!!!

see you all next year!

cheers, and keep drifting FUN!
capt. & mrs caveman
aka Michel and Claudia

love you all!!!

06-03-2017 :


02-03-2017 :

all red marked drivers are deleted , red drivers with ??? are drivers with al later payment notice .

no payment / no notice  are deleted .



18-02-2017 :

This year at the Worlds 2017 the following companies have combined their
skills to be present at the Worlds:

– EasyMade –
– P!PES –
– Shogun Workshop –
– Rare Arts USA  –

Come checkout our stand with alot of cool stuff, like our items for sale

with special Worlds prices, cool bodies from several well-known builders
and there will be a diorama to take pictures of your shells or just visit

the stand for some chit chat with us and to check what more we have!

17-02-2017 07.00 hr

payment list updated, if your name is RED then you have till 21-02-2017 06.00 to pay ore sent PM if your in or OUT

ore will be deleted from entry list .peace and drift

.and still entry is posible for other drivers .




New sponsor, but and old friend of the Competition Jonathan BlackStar thanks for your trust in me , and we all hope you also will vist us that week . Thanks

22-12-2016 :

GOODMORNING World , back home from an amazing trip in Japan …
have no words for the experience and feelings for this wonderfull country ..we both felt so welcome was really amazing …(yes tears again while writing this )………………….. BUT did also some updates on entries for 2017 Worlds this morgening … RWD 132 / AWD 103 ,..BUT note the Qualified drivers with “?????????” behind there names still have to sign in !!!!! IF they not sign in before 10 januar then your entry will me automaticly be deleted and the people from reserve list will be entered. so be warned guys .

02-12-2016 :

total list of entries updated

119 RWD

94 AWD


Direct link for booking the houses worlds 2017 :
PC :

Mobile :…/Eve…/event/321-RC+Drift+2017

be on time for the highest discount .
if you want to be there the weekend before contact centerparcs for more info and prices

Peace & Drift Capt Caveman


date for 2017 is set 12-18 june


payment update :

i just updated the whole payment list ..all not paid are marked RED

Please pay on time , specialy for the countries who have an reserve list .(people are waiting for you if you pay or not )

If i dont hear anyting(,pm) from the red marked drivers i will put you on the reserve list and the guys from reserve list in the top 20/12 .

And they then have 1 week to pay and then they are 100% in the worlds biggest RC Drift Competition …..

tell it around .


Update! Important news!
After qualifications top 10 AWD &RWD will automaticly be save for the top 32 on Sunday. So, on saturday the battles will be for numbers 11 till 98 for the last 22 places, to make it to the finals on sunday.The battles wil be: number 11 against 98, 12 against 97 and so on, so 88 drivers will be 44, and the last 22 will make it to the finals on sunday.
This way qualifying will be more important than ever and more drivers can battle at the Worlds!

25-01-2016 :

DJ at the worlds Night partys  at the Bar Sandur Emmen .


Country :

Genre of music played:

What format  you  play ( cd memory stick vinyl serato traktor … ) :

What kind of equipment can you bring :

Can other DJs  use it :

All info can be sent to Tony Hurdle (uk)

He will make a total week program and will make a list of equipment  we all needed and what we most rent .


Updated the AWD & RWD : some new entries and some switches check site guys and remenber to make your entry 100% valid to pay before 14 february smile-emoticon specialy for countries with a reservelist its more than fair to pay on time !!!

peace & drift Capt caveman


Hi alL!! If you have doubts about coming because you’re all alone, please send us a message. We can try to mix and match, and bring you in contact with guys in the same position, so you will be able to share a cottage and therefor the costs!! Lots of greetings, mrs&capt Caveman

06-01-2016 :

RWD & AWD list updated this night still entries coming in the mailbox . some new and some slowly ones like Jens/denmark  …. at the monment AWD 162 & RWD 109 entries ..and still some more people from japan planning to join us . please dont forget your payment before 14 febr then you entry is 100% valid . Peace and drift Capt Caveman

15-11-2015 :

FOR ALL GERMAN DRIFTERS (Read it all please)

To be save for a place at the Worlds you have to compete in GDM series and be in the top of that competition. For all other can sign in and will add to the reserve list.

BUT now I have over 54 entries for 32 spaces (20 awd /12 rwd) and if 10  people want to enter in both competitions  there is only space for 22 drivers ……(54 entries) don’t look that fair to me .

Maybe I  was not that Sharp due my sickness last week (still am ) I got the list from GDM guys , and totally forgot about it this Friday when the sign in started , so all entries (40+) got same reply from me .Then I remember the GDM list total over 55 entries .

So last 24 hours GDM and I talked a lot and we think we got the fairest solution, so today I will post the germand RWD an AWD entries and the reserve listl.

I slidly bent the rules, just for this 1 time. But be aware for 2017 Worlds  ONLY top 20 AWD and top 12 RWD from GDM will be 100% save, so if you want to be at the worlds 2017 you have to compete at GDM !!!!!! Then only the best of the best will be at the Worlds.

Special note from me: How good are you at the Worlds if you compete in both classes? I think you can only be at your very best in 1 class. So in (if) 2017 Worlds will be RWD or AWD no more both option. I want to see the best of the best at the Worlds and that the big trophies stay in Europe J

Peace & Drift Capt Caveman


yesterday at 20.00 hr the entry opened and in 20 minutes i had over 100 mails , so worked hard last night and today  almost all entries are added to the RWD /AWD list  still waiting for the spain/italy and netherlands for the final d1-10 results in those countries .


added in video the  top 8 RWD & AWD

22-08 -2015 :

in 2-3 weeks we will post the date for World championship 2016 .

Place to be Emmen Sandur parc again.

08-11-2014 :

YOKOMO will support this event , we are happy with this support and trust in this event .


Tires for AWD & RWD will be from the best Tire  Factory :

20-10.2014 :

we found an ever better place then the 2014 edition ….

stay tuned more news in a few weeks …

still looking for a head sponsor for the biggest rc drift event in the world


AT the event there will be an big YOKOMO shop again , also Masami Hirosaka will be there for support his YOKOMO drift team

09-04-2014 :

The first pictures of the Open EU 2014 Tire:


date /place is there for the Open EU 2014

10-07-2013 :

finaly the total scores , due to little illness  it is all a bit late sorry for that Guys & Girls

Best Body : Dag Erik Kristoffersen  Norway

Best Chassis : Alexis Supplice- Team SKUD -Yokomo DPM SSG – France

Battle king : Sandro Bonaudo – Italy

Special Price : Nicole Henneth – Austria first women in Open EU even won 2 battles !!!!!

The Winner Open EU :




Tire News:

After a weekend of and 20 hours of free practice time we had to make a decision on the tires for the Open EU 2013.

The Yokomo R2 where perfect tire for the first hour, but after that time it got more and more grippy ..Almost racing..  Not the way we wanna drift .

But after 2 days/20 hours they went smooth again and was nice and easy drifting possible … the floor was perfect polished then.

Luckily we also had the YOKOMO Carpet tires R4 with us to test for the whole weekend.

Some Dutch and German guys tested them all weekend …and final conclusion was:

YOKOMO carpet tire R4 does it all weekend perfect, nice smooth on a fresh floor on a dusty floor on a polished floor every time perfect drift.

The R4 don’t even scratch the floor so no dust, for the Open EU only YOKOMO R4 tires allowed.

The Vinyl /Gym floor at Borchland  is perfect  with that combo .


bit late, but I do believe that it is worthy to do this event

23-24 maart   Warm-up  Open European  weekend

 2 tracks :

Track 1 : 2 days practice

Track 2 : Saterday : practice

Sunday :  Round 2  open for all drivers /countries


Saterday : € 12.50  …10.00 – 18.00 hrs

Sunday : € 12.50 …… 10.00 – 18.00 hrs

Weekend : € 25.00

For D1-10 :+ €5.00


Sign in

Payment  paypal


This is the presentation of the Official Open european Shirt , more sponsors will be add later, but this is the base .
if you want one including your name/nickname in Yellow ? just sent an e-mail to .

Cost €20.- we will handed out at the event on 13 june 2013


YOKOMO Tires.ZR-DR04  ( R2)

Only these tire is allowed on the event !

YOKOMO will provide for every driver 1 set of these tires . the tires will be handed out by entry  at the event . extra sets of tires will cost € 15.- only for the drivers who compete at the Open Euro’s.


Merry Driftmas

some good news we will raise the number of entries up to 110 drivers .

that is the maximum for 2013

so nr4 till nr 10 are now invited by mail.


within 14 hours since opening the entry the where 101 entries.

so we closed down the entry.

amazing , but that means we must be  strick for the people who are in the 101 entries,

they now have 4 weeks to pay …if the don’t pay ….

then the people from reserve list will be added to the magic 100 entries.

we think that the most fair to the people who are not in the 100 entries.

so please sign in to be add to reserve list and wait.(please don’t pay yet)


Sub sponsor for this event :

Getting tired of those plastic looking scale exhaust for your RC car?
Interested? Take a look at:

more info on prices page !


website updated with date and location for 2013 edition


Friday 16 November all the info about the 2013 YOKOMO OPEN EUROPEAN RC DRIFT CAMPIONSHIP  will go online .

entry will open at Monday 19 November NOT before !!!

The maximum number of contestants will be 100.

MAXIMUM OF 20 drivers per country !!!!!

YOKOMO will provide all the tires for this event !


Atomic energy drink and Autostyle  are the first sponsors for the 2013 edition , we thank them for the trust in us for this event


Open European rc drift championship 2013 … a fact

working hard on a better location and a better floor ….

as soon as there is a date and location we will sent out e-mails / websites / forum / facebook with the news .

hope end november to have all the details .

Capt Caveman


we are happy with our Italian friends , they will use the rules for there nationals competition. great work with the translation.

good luck guys and we see you in 2013 …

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