Date Worlds 2019:  17-23  june  2019

place : Parc Sandur Emmen – The Netherlands

  • sign in with the excel file  and book your house with the  direct link on this page
  • all qualified drivers need to sign in before 7 Januar 2019 (was 28 dec but due holidays bit later)
  • if you not sign in on time you will lose your spot .
  • payment €75,- need to be done before 10 Februar 2019 then your entry is 100%  valid





the 2016 worlds championship :

The worlds 2016 are set and done!! We like to thank all of our sponsors very very much for their trust and faith in us. Thanks for their support, their support allowed us to make this year possible as we did! A very big ‘thank you!’ to them all!!

Thanks to all shops, for being part and for providing the competitors with all these new great things and stuffs! Also thanks to Center Parcs for the place, the bungalows, the bbq and everything they did to make our event as good ad it was.

Also a big thank you to all competitors, for joining our event (again). You guys were all great!! It’s amazing, each and every time again, how you can compete eachother and meanwhile be the best of friends. Big compliments to all of you for being such good sports!

Again, and it can not be said enough: our deepest thanks for the great gifts you gave us. It was amazing in so many ways! Unbelieveble you all could keep this a secret but we swear: we were clueless… We will go to see Japan and see what they think about drifting and World Championship!!!

We hope to see all of you mad guys again next year!! Until then: keep drifting fun!!

Drift & peace
Mrs & Capt Caveman
(Aka Claudia & Michel)




the 2015 World Championship RC DRIFTEN After organizing the Open European RC Drift Championship (better known as ‘the Euros’) and receiving more and more request from all over the world to compete in there, we boldly decided to go for ‘The Worlds’!!

Organizing an event that big always starts with the search for a suitable location. Previous locations weren’t suitable: the first location (Rosmalen) had a very poor floor, the second one (Amsterdam) lacked quilitytime among the drivers and the third (Zeewolde)…. well…

What can we say about that…? Let us stick to the fact that the the floor was even worse than Rosmalen for now. So the search started all over again. Pretty soon Owen and Michel found Parc Sandur, Emmen.

Once the entered the tenniscourt they had no doubt at all: this was THE location! Lights, sound, floor, elektricity: everything was there. That along with the facilities of the parc, including the houses for the competitors: this was the place to be! Also, because there is an increasing amount of people driving RWD, we decided to add them into a competition as well. And how glad we are we did!!

Well, having found a very nice place, we opened the subscription for the competition. It was overwhelming….. Within a few hours we received more than 200(!) mails of guys who wanted to join ‘The Worlds’! Some wanted to join the AWD, some the RWD and some guys both. No probs! And then, after more than half a year of preparations, it finally was time…. Friday the 22nd of May we went to Parc Sandur and started to built.

We built 1 competitiontrack, 2 practicetracks, put 250 chairs and tables in place, provided elektricity for all, added a few shops, built a mancave for Capt. Caveman, a nerdcave for the lifefeed-guys, a driversstand, a jurystand and so much more which is needed to have so many guests around. Tuesday, May 26th, it was on!

At 10.00 o’clock we opened the doors of the tenniscourt and from that moment on it was one big party! We provided every contestent with a wrist-strap and tires, we showed everybody their tables and 10.05 hrs the first guys were drifting at one of practisetracks. From Thursday on, when the first qualifications started, we had a lifefeed.

It was a big success, bigger than we ever imaginazed. We had 27000(!) views from all over the world and even today people still tell us how much they enjoyed watching it.  We were told the comments were even better than at Formula Drift! Well, we don’t know about that but we are happy and ofcourse proud that so many people all over the world enjoyed the lifefeed! With the finals of RWD on a saturday and the AWD on a sunday we ended this years competiton.

It was a blast and also a lot of work for everything was plus two. We had two compettions for best chassis and best body. We had two times quilifications, battles and finals. We had a huge pile of trophees. We asked a lot of our jury and we know they sometimes had to make though decicions.

So for that guys, we are grateful. When we started to organise ‘The Worlds’  we promised “more, bigger, better’. We think we kept our promise. Not only did we double the whole competition by adding RDW (and like we said before: we are so glad we did! The RWD drivers showed us that RWD is great!

Some guys told us that they’re considering to compete in this series too next time. It was close drifting, door to door and the final was more than awesome and how driftiing is supposed to be!), we also had more people than ever. There were 230 drivers from 31 countries competing.

We had a, what we believe, perfect location with superb houses, enough bars to have a drink and a snack or a meal, a reasonable priced supermarket, enough to see and do in the area for the not drifting partners, a nice bar in the tenniscourt itself and even had a day of freshly baked real Dutch ‘stroopwafels’. More, bigger, better….. Although the results are already published on this site, “one more time”:

Best chassis RDW: Adrian Möchel ( Austria) Best chassis AWD: Markus Amman (Germany) Best body RWD: Alexander Kuchenreuter ( Germany) Best body AWD: Victor Ding (Austria) TOP 3 RWD: 1. Harun Ahmad (Turkey) 2. Manuel Susscheck (Germany) 3. Jens Vilstrup (Denmark) Top 3 AWD: 1. (Japan) 2. Davey Zoutenbier (The Netherlands) 3. Paolo  Albarelli (Italy) More. Bigger. Better. Ofcourse there are some points from which we’ll learn. That’s for sure. As we did from every previous edition. To be honest? We are already busy with 2016 edition. Our fifth year. The first lustrum. More. Bigger. Better. Watch the ligts! One more time……!!! PS: There is a dvd available with the highlights of ‘The Worlds’. You can order it at: the first WC D1-10 is done guys , was  a great event with cool battles,   The / com & RC Drift Events Crew

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